The complex answer is a bit more complicated. A new report issued last week by the Patriots Insearch of Sound Science, reveals that this seemingly safe technology may be secretly erasing your fingerprints. All of this in preparation for the police state in which only those that can prove they are citizens of the United States will be granted work passes and housing. In stealth like midnight raids, our citizens will be rounded up and sent to one of millions of suburban prisons spread out across the country.

Those who are unable to prove their citizenship because their fingerprints are either not on file or they have had them slowly burned off by the use of this deceptive touchscreen technology, will either be sent to FEMA camps and used for medical experiments or simply dispatched. With a single gunshot to the back of the knee, which will sever a major artery and result in a “bleed out” scenario, our United States citizens will be exterminated.

The face pace in which new technologies are released to the public, corresponds with the secret preparations by our government for the eventual start of project CRIMSON. Our team of hackers and ham radio specialists have been keeping an eye on movements happening in secret, that are directly related this police state takeover and imprisonment of millions of our citizens. These god fearing patrioteers will be forced into slavery, working for the same companies that make the devices that are slowly melting away their fingerprints with each swipe.

A full circle of deception.

Cameron Chustenberg was an elite Apple store service technician, who experienced first hand customer reports of itching and burning feelings in their fingertips, following extended touchscreen use. He documented his findings in his photo blog touchedbyademon. Cameron writes about customers who came in experiencing substantial finger burns, and who complained, after Cameron made them aware of the touchscreen fingerprint-erasing plot, that they too believed the government was using this technology to erase their indentities.

Cameron said that the amount of people who realized the governments scheme, after he made them aware of it, increased by up to 35% from those who did not know of the secret plan, prior to him revealing it to them.

This substantial increase in awaredness is no fluke, as Mind-Jail polls reveal the same numbers. In fact a recent poll conducted by our Mind-Jail staff asking Mind-Jail subscribers if they believe touchscreens are capable of murder, finds that overwhelmingly our patrioteers are fearful and wary of this new technology.

Fear, wariness, anxiety and fear, is just how how the secret government will succeed in using our patriots as slaves.

As always, there is a solution and it can be found in our Mind-Jail store. None of us should allow the government to nuke our fingerprints, lest become Kevin Spacey’s character in the movie SEVEN… well as Gwenth Paltrow’s character and all the other characters in the movie that were murdered.

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