First, I’d like to thank Mr. Blaze for allowing me to reveal my new discoveries on his most amazing website, He is a true Patrioteer performing God’s work. Lee, I promise, I will keep this first post short (fingers crossed, wink wink). There are too many details to cover all in one blog anyway.


What I have uncovered is something that mainstream science has completely overlooked. Something so obvious and in plain sight, that no one discovered it before me!

Here we go.

Neanderthals were not a different species than human-beings. They didn’t die off because of evolutionary weakness or just plain old age. They didn’t die off at all, because they were HUMAN BEINGS!

The evidence is all here. Look at these skulls found in the dense jungle greens of the Peru nation and the sculpture found in the deep forbidden caves of China’s ancient and arid mystery lands. Then compare them to the “fictional” characters The Cranials.

Note the large brows and skulls! If there’s one thing I’ve revealed already, it’s where Dan Aykroyd got his idea for the Conehead characters he created. It makes perfect sense that Mr. Aykroyd would draw inspiration from these anciently mysterious skulls because he is deeply involved with the Canadian black-ops.

His involvement mostly revolves around making “fictional” movies about events that actually occurred. For example, when people try to speak out that they’ve seen real Coneheads, they’ll be teased by society that they just, “saw it in a movie”. The same goes for the Ghostbusters franchise. It was a real story of Ghost Policing turned into a comedy to discredit truth seekers.

This is classic black-ops stuff that the Americans stole from the Canadians. A few of these movies come to mind right away, like StarGate, Batteries Not Included, Short Circuit, and Harry and the Henderson’s and of course The Exorcist. Again, all of those movies were of real events created to discredit the truth. However, this is neither here nor there. Let’s get back to the issue at hand.

So what does all of this mean? What do these large skulls tell us?

Before I explain, you need to understand one thing, the human skull NEVER stops growing while you’re alive. The brow grows outward and the skull expands into a watermelon shape resulting in giant skulls as shown above. It can take 600 to 900 years for this to happen! We used to be able to live forever! But after thousands of years of crossbreeding, humans have gradually lost the ability to live even just 1/8th of our actual biological life spans!

This is why the fancy elite want to keep their bloodlines to themselves. They don’t want it tainted by outsiders. This is why they killed Princess Diana for your information. They want to retain this ability to live for centuries so they can create long-term plans that will guide humanity to slavery. While we live for our next paycheck, THEY get to live for the next century.

It’s not fair!!!

After reading the facts, you’ve probably concluded by now that most of our world leaders are actually 600+ years old. To hide their massive craniums, world leaders make clones of themselves to look a certain age so the public doesn’t discover the truth. All of our leaders are clones as I write this.

The only person that actually had the balls to go out in public at the age of 733 years old was Pope Benedict the XVI. Hence the Pope’s hat also know as a Mitre which hides the large skull he has. It’s speculated that he was removed as Pope because of his willingness to risk hundreds of years of secrecy. However, I’m not sure if that is true or not.

In a future post, I will be providing mind-jail with artist renditions of what some of the world’s leaders actually look like.