As every Mind-Jailer and conspiracy researcher in the world knows, secret societies control everything. These shadow governments are made up of the elite, the powerful, the famous, and of course, 900 year-old vampiric, Cranial, keepers of the sacred bloodlines. This discovery was recently written about here on by Dr. Terrance Clapson a world renowned studier of mystery stories from the past. His insight and research led him to this breakthrough and I’m sure they’ll be more new discoveries, discovered, any day now.

Secret societies exist for one reason and one reason only; because people, even evil ones, love to be accepted into clubs. Everyone likes being part of a team, it’s our herd mentality that we can’t seem to evolve out of, or suppress. Serial killers do a pretty good job of it, but I guarantee you if they had a book club, all the slimy, murdering, psychos, lurking around truck stops in search of their next victim to turn into a human hot-pocket, would come out of the woodwork to join. Can you imagine a group of serial killers sitting on couches, sipping mimosas and white wine, discussing 50 shades of grey? Before they even got into chapter two the walls of that room would be 50 shades of red…I’m talking about blood….because they would kill each other.

However, there aren’t serial killer book clubs that we know of, but there are even deadlier clubs that we do know of, and it’s these secret societies that have been plotting against our brave, strong, patrioteers, for hundreds of years. One of the most well know of these clubs is Skull and Bones, the Yale university undergraduate senior secret society with such famous “members” as George W. Bush and John Kerry. Both of those guys by the way, aren’t even members because the group would be stupid to give away the indentities of its Chess pieces. John Kerry and George W. Bush are false flag, Skull and Bones decoys, sent out into the public spotlight to divert attention from the real members whom we know very little about. Except for Wikipedia, they claim to know a lot about them, but come on it’s Wikipedia, no one believes what they read on that site.

Skull and Bones may be well known to Wikipedia, but our crack team of conspiracy researchers and secret society fanboys, just can’t seem to break through the layers of deception to get a good read on what this group is really up to. Instead we turned our resources and attention to one of the worst new conspiracies we’ve ever exposed here on One that would shatter our perceptions of the seemingly innocent pastime of baseball card collecting and ruin the childhood memories of most of our 20 and 30 something year old staff members.

Blood and Guts is gonna make Skull and Bones look like a princess themed birthday party for girls and little effeminate gay boys who we can all tell even at only 9 years old, are gonna be pooper-pushing, fairy princess’, flittering around the Macys beauty-care department some day, while our wives are picking out new eyelash brushes, and all we MEN want to do is get the hell out of this toxic perfume cloud of gayiety, and get to Sears. Besides, we’ve told our wives a thousand times that its not the brush that matters it’s the way the the mascara is applied; a downward motion only applies a thin layer on the top of the eyelash, curling the brush while applying gives the lash a thicker coat and thus a fuller, sexier look! Now goddamn it lets get to Sears!

So what is Blood and Guts?

While researching how baseball stadiums have been designed to act as human corrals, shuffling our patriots through mazes and labyrinths of steel enclosed pathways, making it virtually impossible to get a beer and a hotdog and then back to our seats in less that an hour, thus raising our blood pressure and causing our brave militiamen to die prematurely from stress induced health issues-another population control plot perpetrated by the shadow government-we here at discovered Blood and Guts. When a few of our staff were looking at old baseball cards and pictures of stadiums from long ago, we came upon the history of this man: Morris Shorin.

Morris Shorin founded American Leaf Tobacco which in 1938 became the Topps Company, Incmakers of baseball cards. American Leaf Tobacco controlled the tobacco market here the United States for 40 years, supplying our fighting boys in WW1 with the smooth, rich, Virginia grown sweet tobacco that helped lift up their spirits, while they slogged it out in the trenches of Germany. Obviously we all know that old tobacco plant use doesn’t cause cancer, but that it’s the new, genetically modified plants, that Monsanto and the government began growing in the 1960′s that contain the cancer causing gene. Before 1960 no smokers died of lung cancer, this is well established in the unknown Medical History books that have never been published.

Morris became very wealthy, and had four sons, Abram, Ira, Phillip and Joseph. These boys are the founders of Blood and Guts and with the help of Sy Berger they made the Topps company the most powerful baseball card company in the world. Sy joined the team in 1951 after serving in WW2 and learning from the Nazi’s just how simple it is to use propaganda and subliminal messages to control the population. Together these five men conspired to create a whole generation of man-children who would never grow out of their love and affection for baseball cards and would be easily lured into helping fulfill the conehead prophecy, by retaining that boyhood innocence and passing its poisonous genetic toxins onto the next generation.

The next generation’s inherent love of baseball card collecting would be used against them, when in 1985 the Topps company (Blood and Guts secret society), hired Xavier Roberts to create a series of disgusting and offensive collectible cards known as The Garbage Pail Kids

Thus began phase two of the Blood and Guts master plan; to condition a whole generation to seeing the mangled and disfigured bodies of children, with common names of the era, and actually have fun collecting and trading these graphic and obscene cards. This would plant the seed in the next generation of man-children that would grow into a love affair with violent and bloody video games. This whole plan to condition our patriots to accepting seeing dead bodies and violent acts, was in preparation for the police state takeover and the start of project C.R.I.M.S.O.N

If our boys had no problem with these graphic Garbage Pail Kid images, they would not protest when they saw violent acts happening in the streets of their neighborhoods, perpetrated by the secret police and shadow ARMY upon their friends and family. This was a plot to keep us childlike and desensitized to violence, so that even when it was happening to us, we would not muster the patriotic strength to rise up and form a militia to fight these evil overlords!

Think about your name….my name is Lee, take a look at this

I grew up imagining that I would one day be clad in armor, prepared to sacrifice MY life for my country, in the most patriotic of patriotic acts, only at crunch time finding myself pissing my pants and crying like a little wuss! The seed was planted in my mind 30 years ago, and even though I’ve spent much of that time being overtly macho to cancel out the damage I know was done to me by these Garbage Pail Kids and Blood and Guts plot, I’m not exactly sure that when the secret police marches into my house, I won’t collapse like a baby and end up in a puddle of lemony yellow ‘fear juice’, calling out for my mommy and holding onto my now extremely collectible and in mint condition ‘Leaky Lee’ garbage pail kid collector card.

And by the way, has anyone but me asked if Sy Berger is related to Glenn Berger the co-creator of one this generation’s most beloved cartoon characters The Kung-Fu Panda ?

Because if so, it’s not a stretch to imagine that one of the founding members of the Blood and Guts secret society has a great-grandchild named Glenn, who’s just tricked a whole generation of kids into thinking that they can fight evil by dressing up in panda costumes and performing fake karate moves. You don’t think the secret police will easily mow these polyester-fur-encased, man-children that grew up on the Kung-Fu Panda movies, down? Trust me, those Panda suits are hot, they don’t breathe, and good luck getting off half a roundhouse kick on a shadow-army soldier, without slamming your paw on the kitchen table and stubbing your toe.

Limping around, sweaty, in a child’s panda costume will make you very vulnerable to being murdered by the secret police and ending up a pile of…..

….Blood and Guts.

Check and mate Mr. Berger!