Look up, what do you see?

Depending on the weather in your particular area, or whether or not you’re indoors or if its nighttime, what you’re probably looking at (unless you’re blind) is a beautiful blue sky over our great United States, that has been tagged with toxic streaks of poison by the biggest street gang around…..the United States Government!

It’s no surprise to our Mind-Jailers out there that government would go to such lengths to poison their own people using military planes to spray toxins over our great country. Our drinking water is filled-to-the-brim with a toxic stew of fluoride and benzene, and now the air we breath is laced with micro-particles of chemicals we don’t even have names for yet.

However I’ve come up with a few..




..and the list could go on and on. Pretty scary stuff.

We recently interviewed a top military enthusiast who gave us here at a detailed briefing on the entire Chem-trail government mind control program. His insight and first hand account of being dosed by these mind control chemicals, had our staff on edge. As they should be of course, at all times. Really, all of us who are enlightened to the shadow Government’s plots and diabolicalproject C.R.I.M.S.O.N should constantly be checking out the window, looking over our shoulders, holding our breath when we’re outdoors, triple filtering our tap water, calling friends and family everyday and alerting them to the secret police and coming police state.

Our focus and resolve will reap huge benefits when we’re fighting the secret ARMY on our turf, in our neighborhoods and with our brave, strong, patrioteers by our side.

Watch my interview with military plane expert Staurt Miller about project SKY-CHOKE