Leland ‘Lee’ Merriweather Blaze was born on July 4th, 1976 on the 200th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Lee was raised in Spring, Texas and nearly graduated from Klein Oak High School. His father was a chiropractor and his mother was lost at sea when Lee was only 5 years old.

Raised by his father, Lee spent much of his youth wandering around his suburban neighborhood keeping watch and corralling loose pets. At the age of 10 he formed the Neighborhood Youth Militia After School Protector Force. The group was made up of children from Lee’s neighborhood, led by Lee, whom gave himself the title of General Brigadier Admiral. The Youth Militia ran into trouble though, after a cat that had gone missing was located in a tree, then rescued by local police and fire agencies, even though the Youth Militia was first on the scene. In the local paper Lee was quoted as saying “WE found Mr. Mittens, but the cops took all the credit!”. Thus began Lee’s lifelong distrust of Government.

At age 18, Lee was recruited by a large national security firm that was tasked with monitoring and protecting municipalities. After two years of working security at a local sewage treatment plant Lee published an underground paper chronicling his first hand accounts of suspicious additives being dumped into the water supply. He was fired by the firm when they caught wind of the publication. Lee claimed it was a cover-up and that both the water agency and security firm were part of a massive conspiracy to poison the water supply with mind controlling chemicals.

In 2001, Lee’s father died in a mysterious rollerskating accident. Lee used his inheritance to travel the world, meeting with renowned conspiracy theorists and authors, educating himself about the Shadow Government and a massive worldwide conspiracy known as project C.R.I.M.S.O.N.. He spent 6 months camped out at the entrance to Area 51 in the Nevada desert, demanding proof of the Government’s UFO program. He was arrested and sentenced to 60 hours of community service, ironically at a local youth center teaching children to roller skate.

After the events on 9/11, Lee’s passion for the truth led him to create a series of documentaries about what really happen on that September morning. Lee made a total of 134, 90 minute long documentaries, which he made available (for a small fee) on his website Mind-Jail.com

Now the host a daily radio show and video series on conspiracies, Lee is the the foremost authority on all things conspiracy related. He is unmarried, has no children, and lives with six ferrets and a goat on a ranch somewhere in eastern Texas.