The foreboding and menacing title pretty much says it all. It’s the the ultimate goal for the world’s elite and shadow government. A plan so sinister, so top secret, so “hush hush” and in the shadows, very few know many details about this long game being played by the worlds richest and most powerful people.

Even though few details are known about this secret project and all of the brave heros who have “blown the whistle” on it’s existence-and paid the price for doing so-have given us only small pieces of the puzzle, it hasn’t stopped our speculation experts from forming logical assumptions based on conclusions arrived at through valid hypothesis.

Here’s what we do know, and remember, you’re about to take the red pill, down the rabbit hole, into the light, through the wormhole, there’s no going back. If you don’t want to know the scary truth about what’s really going on all around you, then stop reading right now……

……but if you’re ready to discover the truth out there, then you’re not alone, and the Mind-Jail team of truth searchers will be here to help guide you through the labyrinth of deception and into the castle of reality. There you’ll discover that although you may now know the truth, you are ill equipped to stay in the truth castle without the proper tools and supplies. That’s where the most important part of helps to keep you alive in the truth castle, while the war of the worlds is fought outside the castle walls.

The store is your lifeline to surviving this war, and in it you will find all the tools, weapons, books, survival gear, health suppliments, DVD’s and miracle cures that you’ll need while you wait out the death and carnage happening outside.

If you can hold out long enough, if you purchase enough life saving products from the Mind-Jail store, you too will one day emerge from your truth castle bunker, and bask in the light of a free world. Free of tyranny and oppression, of infrastructure and commerce. Free of the burden of taxes and of police and fireman, and ambulances and hospitals, all the trappings of our modern society that keep us prisoners. No more indoor plumbing pumping fluoride tainted water into our homes. No more gas, which made us dependent on corporations and foreign oil. It’s back to dependable wood stoves and boiling water we’ve gathered from local streams and ponds. Safe. Secure. Dependent on ourselves and no one else.

Except for your new best friends here at and of course your new church, the store.

Here we go, down the truth hole and into the most sinister plot ever devised by human beings. Worse than the holochaust. Worse than the genocide of tens of millions of native Americans by European settlers.

What we know about project C.R.I.M.S.O.N is that it is indeed an acronym. What it stands for we don’t know, as only three of the letters have been revealed thus far.




M-Mind control



N-New World Order

With only those letters revealed we have pieced together a very grim picture of this plot. Mind-Jail staff and conspiracy experts world wide are working overtime to expose this plot and free the world from the oppression of the secret elite, who to this day are hell bent on seeing project C.R.I.M.S.O.N fulfilled.

They’ve worked too hard, and for too many years to have their plan foiled by a few passionate truth seekers. But goddamn it that’s just what we’re going to do. With the help of militant milia groups, survivalers, preppers, tea party members, second amendment lovers, and true patrioteers of this here United States, we will fight the elites, and their secret army of paid soldiers.

Our fighters don’t need treasure and money to risk their lives. They fight for freedom, they fight for truth, they fight because fighting and being angry all the time is a way of life, and changing into docile sheep with low blood pressure and a longer lifespan, isn’t an option!

We keep our truth fires burning night and day, regardless of the inflammatory effects of the stress, and damage to the linings of our hearts.

These negative health effects are a small price to pay to know the truth. As our minds become free our bodies become weak, and that is where essential underground remedies and suppliments take over to keep us alive. Cures that the elite wish you didn’t know about, and ones they’ll never allow their pharmaceutical companies and controlled government organizations like the FDA, USDA, and CDC to ever make known to the public. How else will they keep us docile and controlled, with their drugs that we pay for with our lives and our money. We pay them to kill us!!

No, no, no, no, no, no….NO!

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Leave the conspiracy puzzle to us, we’ll piece it together for ya!